During social distancing the South Portland High School Chorus created a video to share with their community. Seventy students took part in the S.P.H.S. Virtual Choir Project via Google Meet and Zoom. Some students sent in artwork to use in the video, some sent in audio files and others sent videos.

Michelle Snow is a member of the South Portland High School music faculty, and according to a news letter from South Portland Superintendent of Schools, she reported that each student recorded their part separately, which is pretty impressive. Everyone singing at the same time, in the same room is so much easier. Much respect Red Riots.

Here is the South Portland High School Choir performing, "Lean on Me", written by Bill Withers who just passed away on March 30th.

Congratulations to the choir and their instructors for making a beautiful, musical time capsule of sorts for what is happening today. We'll look back on this video years from now and remember what this felt like; being apart and trying to find harmony. I've watched it three times already. I'm not crying, you're crying.

I attended Thornton Academy in Saco for High School and I sang tenor in Jazz Choir in 1984. I'm the one with the chick-mullet. Oops, I'm counting four chick-mullets, you're going to have to guess which one I am.


Sorry for the grainy photo, it was taken with a Disc Camera. Some of you might have to look up what that is.

Thornton Academy Jazz Choir 1984

I loved Jazz Choir, the kids were hilarious and talented; we had a great time learning and growing together while sharing our love of music. Our instructor was Lonny Woodward and we couldn't have asked for a more caring and enthusiastic teacher.

Singing with this group was my introduction to a microphone and the beginning of my adventure with music. Even though I don't make music much anymore, I've found deep satisfaction in listening to it with our audience. Watching these kids really brought back some great memories and made me smile.

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