Music seems to wear a groove in your memory. I know that there are some songs that pump me up and make me smile and others that make me melancholy. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by the great Bonnie Tyler was me and my high school sweetheart's song. Every time I hear it I remember the time we broke up in 1984 and in an effort to get back together he dropped off the album, his Levi jean jacket and a rose surrounded by fake snow in a snifter glass from Majestic Flower Shop. Remember those roses in a snifter? Remember when guys even sent flowers?

This picture is courtesy of my high school friend, Jill Crandall Jones, Thornton Academy Class of '83. Those spiral perms were fabulous.

There was a house party back in the day when we relied on just a turntable and the "Heat of the Moment" album by Asia played over and over all night long. I have probably told captain about that party 50 times because every time we play something from it on the BLM Morning Show I am transported back to that party.

Other stand outs for me include:

  • Stomping our feet and clapping in the bleachers to the beginning of "We Will Rock You" before T.A. football games.
  • Watching INXS play "Listen Like Thieves" at the Orpheum. Whenever I hear it I automatically say, "This is such a great song". What I am really saying is, "This is such a great memory". Turns out that Captain, Brian and Tommy were also at the exact same show and none of us knew each other yet. Weird, right?
  • "Beautiful Girls" by Van Halen reminds me of house parties and Biddeford High School hockey games.
  • "New York, New York" by Huey Lewis and the News takes me back to the Thornton Academy Jazz Choir bus ride to New York City. We probably sang it 15 times.

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