South Portland police will check on your teen who is home alone.


WGME 13 reported that the South Portland police department released a statement that said in part...

When adults go away overnight and their teenagers stay home, these unsupervised times can increase the risk of parties and gatherings. Sometimes these gatherings involve alcohol and other substances and create the need for police to respond.


So they created the 'Home Alone' program. It's actually called the KEY Program, but it's truly if kids are home alone and it's free for South Portland area parents. If you have to leave your teen at home while you’re away, you can register your home for 'drive-by safety checks' with the South Portland Police Department.

South Portland Police Facebook
South Portland Police Facebook

A lot of times parents don't think their teen is drinking, but unfortunately, the police find that many of them are. If you are a parent who thinks that you'll just stay home and let them drink under your are breaking the law. Alcohol is the number one drug problem among teenagers. Twenty-eight percent of 12 to 20 year olds admitted to having consumed at least one alcoholic drink in the past month.

This program is designed to help. Thanks South Portland police...



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