Last weekend I went back to my stomping grounds of Saco, for the 13th Annual Harvest Pumpkin Festival. This is a lovely bit of Americana that my family looks forward to every fall.

It begins with a stop at Rapid Ray's for cheese dogs. Loaded, no salt.

Rapid ray's hot dogs

We worked our way through the ghouls to the Saco Veterinary Clinic Tent and had a long chat with my high school friend Cynthia and her husband, Dr. Pierre Giroux. Mark works at Idexx so he always has lots to talk about with veterinarians. I got to catch up with Cynthia and cocktails were mentioned.

The kids were tugging at our sleeves after spotting the amazing creatures provided by Kidz Go Eco.

This great Horned Owl is Aurora. This beautiful four pound bird was hit by a car in Connecticut and can no longer fly. She was very gracious about us taking pictures.


This gigantic tortoise is 20 years old and weighs 100 pounds. Mark made a new friend and they plan on catching a M.M.A. match soon.


There were pony rides!

My girls loved making sand art. this is what they looked like at four in the afternoon.


This is what the four year old's looked like when I went up to bed at 11:30.


Do you know that feeling, when you walk into a room and something isn't right, but you aren't sure what you're looking at? That was my reaction when I entered our bedroom and the bed was unmade and there was red stuff everywhere. What the what?! After vacuuming it up, I opened my nightstand drawer to get out my bedtime book and discovered she had emptied an entire tube of hand moisturizer in the drawer. My idyllic day came to an abrupt halt!

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I thought the season for finding sand in the house was over!