We are all dreaming about a vacation this summer. A REAL vacation. Not one where we are stuck at home in the cul de sac and only come out and see other human beings at Happy Hour each day. I mean a real vacation. You may have heard we are giving away $10,000 on the radio station this month. What would I do with it if I won? Pay bills? Nope. How about we spend it on a killer vacation at a lakefront or beachfront right here in Maine! Are you with me? Now, I can't win the 10k because I work at the station, but I may have found the perfect vacation spot for you, if...excuse me... WHEN you win the 10k. And this isn't just a nice little lake rental. This, my friend, is a COMPOUND. And coincidently, it rents for $10,000 a week.

This compound is in the Belgrade area on Great Pond. The description on VRBO says this rental includes:

  • A Chef's Kitchen
  • 7 Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Copper bar, workout room, and ping pong/billiards
  • A beautiful screened-in porch
  • TV's
  • Kayaks and Canoes
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Fireplace
  • Air Conditioner
  • A house cleaner who comes in after you're gone.

Check out this beautiful lakefront compound

Rent This Compund in Maine for $10,000 a Week







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