JP Espinosa retired from the military and is now looking forward to giving back to the Kezar Falls area.


Archie's Strike and Spare is a throwback in time. JP has spent months restoring a piece of history in the community. The Kezar Falls area needs this. The old place had fallen into disrepair and was really considered a dive bar. Then it shut down for a couple of years.

Then covid hit.

But Archie's is back and opening next weekend! It is a family-friendly place to not only play candlepin bowling, but board games, dart boards, pool tables, and food! And the candlepin bowling machines are the original ones from the '50s!

Alex Steed

It has taken some incredible dedication to bring back these original machines to work. But dedication and time were plentiful and the history is so appreciated!

Alex Steed

Who doesn't love some candlepin bowling?

Alex Steed

Archie's welcomes families. A place to grab some heavy comfort food, and food trucks on the weekend! Archie's has some incredible family ties. Octavia Bishop is tied to the family. Octavia is an artist whose murals are peppered throughout Maine. Her videos are mesmerizing. She painted the outside of Archies.


Here's where the family ties come in. John Philips was the original owner of the Strike and Spare. Octavia is his niece!

And then there is just one more question to answer. If JP is the owner, then who is Archie? Why this is Archie.

Alex Steed

You can see how excited Archie is! We all are. Welcome back Archie's Strike and Spare!

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