According to News Center, Kathleen Regan came in third place in the "Folk/Singer-Songwriter" category in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition with a song she wrote about Maine. You might recognize the grand prize winner's song, "Dance Monkey" by Toni Watson. It's being played all over top 40 radio and it's absolutely addicting. As a matter of fact, it's running through my head right now. It's a hooky ear-worm that my ten year old knows all the words to.

But back to the star of this show, "Coast of Maine", written by the beautiful and talented Kathlene Regan, along with her friend Jon Aanestad. Kathleen grew up down the way in Holliston, Mass and summered with her family in York as a teenager. She made great memories of sailing with her dad, and a friend of hers recorded the two of them enjoying Nubble Lighthouse. It became the stunningly simple, totally Maine video for "Coast of Maine".

Kathleen lives a landlocked life in Nashville now and during a time in 2019 when she was longing for the ocean she wrote "Coast of Maine".

Regan began performing at 5-years-old when she landed a role in "the Sound of Music". Her dad seems pretty cool and is her best friend. He inspired her to become a singer by exposing her to Irish and folk music, which I completely hear in her songwriting.

So, just to be clear, this is a legit award folks. News Center Maine reports that Kathleen was judged by members of Coldplay and the legendary Tom Waits. She was one of only 70 artists who won out of 18,000 people who entered. Congratulations, girl. You made me so proud to be from Maine and I know how you feel about it. Kathleen tries to get back to York at least once a year. I hope to run into her at the beach. In the meantime, I'm going to watch her video again.



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