What’s more epic than deep sea fishing in Maine? A ‘wild’ shark landing on your boat while deep sea fishing in Maine.

As told by the Miami Herald, a 38-foot charter boat was 20 miles off the coast of Maine at the end of August when a seven-foot mako shark came flying out of the water, landing right on the boat in a quick flash, giving nobody time to prepare or move.

Luckily, the owner of Sea Ventures Charters, Dave Sinclair, had just told the clients that they should have their phones ready for anything unusual that may happen since mako sharks are so “wild and exciting”.

Well, this moment was extremely wild and exciting.

While the header of this article is not the exact shark I’m referring to, you have got to watch this video because the real thing is even better than that picture.


Hahahaha I’m sorry, I don’t know if I should be laughing but the way it lands right onto the small child on board is hysterical to me. Now is probably a good time for me to mention that the Miami Herald article did share that nobody got hurt, not even the kid or the shark.

But the way it slams right into the kid is straight humor and it’s like one of those viral compilation videos I watch on YouTube when I get stuck in a rabbit hole. The shark just comes flying out of nowhere and almost wipes this kid right out. I would kill for just a 60-second interview with him.

That is a lifetime memory, folks.

Just in case anyone is still like, “OMG but what about the poor shark?!”, the charter company and owner participate in a tag-and-release program so they just tagged the seven-footer and let him back happily in the water.

Great timing and a great shot for whoever took that video!

Here are some more epic wildlife images:

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