In case there was any doubt, you know there's definitely a big storm headed our when our favorite Canadian weather forecaster includes Maine in his weekly reports.

He's Frankie MacDonald from Sydney, Nova Scotia and he's viral with his videos all over the world. His high-energy one-of-a-kind delivery of weather warnings are always a really fun and effective way to sound the alarm of impending storms.

Here's some of the essentials Frankie recommends with more snow on the way:

"Have your winter boots, winter jackets, hats, gloves, scarfs and ski pants ready! Order your pizzas and chinese food and buy cases of Pepsi and Coke! Do your grocery shopping! Don't wait until the last minute! Do it right now!!"

Watch Frankie's new forecast for Maine!

Yep, sure does look like this one'll make us mad when we get up tomorrow the morning. Grrrrr!

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