A Black Bear in Maine Wards Off Hunters With a Giant Dump
This Facebook video by Moxie Gore Guide Service from the last day of bear hunting season, is fast approaching 1,000,000 views. While it answers the age-old question "Does a bear sh*t in the woods?", it has sparked controversy with people on both sides of the bear hunting debate.
WBLM Morning Show “Bears of the Day”, Care Bears!
Twenty Bears in Twenty Days has featured some big personalities. Today we feature many! Care Bears are all about feelings, and they make us feel good !I found a website that has all things Care Bear! Care Bears have their own Facebook Fan Page...
BLM Morning Show Bear of the Day, Baloo!
Baloo from "Jungle Book" is certainly one of the most chill bears ever, and today we salute him as our "Bear of the Day"! Here is a very laid back bear singing about "The Bear Necessities"
I also found this really fabulous Baloo Halloween costume.…
WBLM Morning Show Bear of the Day, Smokey! [VIDEO]
Twenty Bears in Twenty Days continues as we celebrate, (doot dee doooo!!!), one of the best bear roll models ever, Smokey the Bear! He taught us about preventing forest fires and that bears look good in hats. Here's a blast from the past!

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