Maine Academy of Modern Music

The Kids Are Alright! MAMM Slam FInalists Announced
The Maine Academy of Modern Music held its prelim competition for their annual high-school Battle of the Bands this past weekend at Bayside Bowl. After a full afternoon of the best high-school bands from around Maine rocking their best, the judges came up with the Top 5 who will&…
MAMM Open House Saturday
The Maine Academy of Modern Music, or MAMM, is an amazing independent music school for kids that want to learn and be involved in contemporary music. Which is a nice way of saying this is Maine's SCHOOL OF ROCK.
ME Kids Make Music History
We've got something to be very proud of here in Portland. Our friends at the Maine Academy of Modern Music have been educating and inspiring young local musicians for nearly a decade and now one of their programs is sending students on an east coast tour with Boston folk trio, The Ballroom Thie…