Maine Turnpike

Incredible Questions Drivers Ask Toll Collectors on the Maine Turnpike
There are 90 million vehicle trips on the Maine Turnpike each year. Many of those people are from away. The Maine Turnpike Authority posted a great throwback post from 2000 where they told us some of the incredible and hilarious questions people ask the wonderful toll operators working the tolls on the turnpike. There are some real doozies.
Listen Live to the Maine State Police Patrolling the Maine Turnpike
Did you ever wonder how Maine State Police communicated to each other on the Maine Turnpike? If you blow past an officer at 90 mph, does that officer call up the next one up the Turnpike a few miles and give a heads up? Well, check out this live Maine Turnpike scanner. It's super interesting and shows the incredible professionalism that these Maine men and women show with their job. It's worth a listen and you might hear someone you know get pulled over!

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