A Gift Guide for the Vinyl Lover
There's just something special about vinyl records. The sound is richer and you have to be actively engaged in listening to the music so you know when to turn the record over. So I've put together a list of great gifts for anyone looking to up their turntable game!
We Found This Awesome Patriots Fight Song in the Blimp Archives
We have been digging into our Patriots Super Bowl section of the Blimp Archives and came upon this classic. It's by a punk band from Foxborough called Meat Depressed, We think this is from 2007 and have no idea if the band is still together or not. We DO know that this song will live on forever…
Check Out the L.L. Bean Freeport Summer in the Park Series!
We look forward to the L.L. Bean Summer in the Park Series every year, and the summer of 2017 looks amazing!
Some of the haps include:
A major 4th of July extravaganza!
A couple wonderful, family friendly fundraising events that you won't want to miss, and a Kids' Get Out and Play Day...
What Celeste Found In Her Old lunchbox!
Before fancy thermal lunch bags made from organic fabric, we had metal lunchboxes. Most came with a matching thermos and they always had a very distinctive smell. That smell is more than a memory, it's actually still in my head. Not only did lunchboxes hold our lunches, they were also a sort of…

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