NE Patriots

Another Awesome Amendola Song Parody!
By now you've probably heard the wicked killah Danny Amendola song (a parody of Lola by the Kinks) on the WBLM Morning Show. Well here's comes another funny music video as we countdown the hours until Super Bowl Sunday!
Fitzy Speaks Our Mind
With the Tom Brady Deflategate scandal back in the headlines this week, nobody articulates how Pats Nation is feeling better than our old pal Fitzy. You’ve heard his no-holds-barred Patriots analysis on the WBLM Morning Show, with that freakin’ awesome Bahstan accent …
Revengecast for Pats vs Colts
You've heard his no holds barred Pats analysis on the WBLM Morning Show, with that freakin' awesome Bahstan accent. Now he's back with a hilarious new video to get us fired up for Sunday's game between the Patriots and the Colts.
Head to Head! Fall VS. Summer! [POLL]
I was discussing the pros and cons of summer and fall with a friend of mine, who loves the beach beyond all reason, and I realized that there was a real competition there. As much as I love summer, fall is pretty gorgeous and has a lot going for it...