NHL Ref from South Portland Is An Internet Superstar
Did you know the best referee in the NHL lives in South Portland? His name is Wes McCauley and the other night he made the greatest goal announcement in the history of the NHL.  Over the top? No way. The video is going viral.
Where are the Losing Team’s Super Bowl Shirts?
Logo Merchandise is big business in sports. Before games are even played, winning apparel is printed for both teams. All four of our major American sports leagues- MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL- require the destruction of the incorrect post-season apparel...
Bruins, Habs to Get It On
Back in the spring the Montreal Canadiens knocked the top ranked Boston Bruins out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Will hard feelings carry over to tonight's preseason opener?
Who Will Win Game 7?
When the puck drops on Wednesday night at the TD Bank Garden, the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens will lock horns on the ice in Game 7 to see which team will move on to the NHL Eastern Conference Finals in the quest for the Stanley Cup.