NHL.com reports the special treat fans got on Thursday when Will Ferrell arrived as his "Anchorman" character, the Legendary Ron Burgundy, and called the second half of the Kings game against the Sharks.

Have you seen this? Hilarious!

Oh Ron, you really do know your stuff. Though distracted by the milk and burrito delivered by mascot, Bailey, Ron managed to get a few comments in about the game. Not many, but a few.

Highlights included:

  • An appearance on the Kiss Cam with his burrito. The affection was palpable, could an engagement be far behind?
  • Ron now has a new podcast, "The Ron Burgundy Podcast", he promoted that a few times. You might want to check that out.
  • Ron took a few minutes away from his insightful color commentary to pose for a picture with Make-A-Wish kid, Aiden Rose who had just signed a one-day contract with the Kings.

I'm not a big hockey fan, but stunts like this will get me to watch! Thanks Ron, for making me feel like an expert on a sport that I know nothing about.

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