Portland Under Consideration For A Professional Soccer Team
The announcement of professional hockey returning to Portland was met with enthusiasm,  re-joining Portland's already popular professional baseball and basketball teams. So the question is this...can Portland, Maine sustain ANOTHER professional sports team...
Front-Flip, Throw, Goal!
Luke Sterling, a freshman at the University of Maine in Farmington is getting national attention for an amazing feat of athleticism.
Portland Has World Cup Fever!
They came by the hundreds to cheer Team USA to what they hoped would be victory against the dreaded German soccer team on Thursday at Rivalries in downtown Portland. The U.S. team fell to Germany, 1-0, but because Portugal defeated Ghana, 2-1, Team USA's World Cup hopes are still alive...
Let's Get Naked!
After intensely training for the World Cup, Croatia lost to Brazil in the first match. Sad for Croatia. But it's hard to keep good men down! They made the most of it by going back to their resort and skinny dipping together. The lady pictured above is psyched! Buzzfeed brings us this uplifting sports story!