Did You Lose Your Wedding Ring at U2? We Found It!
Here's a Rock and Roll Lost and Found Item. Did you lose a wedding ring at U2? A Facebook fan has found it! If this is your ring and you "...still haven't found what you're looking for" then contact Foxborough Police! We were at U2 this past Sunday (6/25) at Gillette Stadium and as we were headed through the parking area before the show my husband found a diamond and platinum engagement/
Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
I'l never forget playing With or Without You on the radio for the first time  in March of 1987. It was still a cold Maine winter outside and the mood of the first single from the Joshua Tree fit perfectly.
Best Song on The Joshua Tree?
30 years ago today, the UPS man drove up to the WBLM Studios...then in Auburn...to drop-off the new U2 album, The Joshua Tree. We instantly put the album....yes ALBUM, on the turntable and our collective mouths dropped. What a masterpiece...

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