It was for real warm today, so I started a list of things Mainers need to do to prepare for our precious, short summer:

  • Put in for summer vacation time at work.
  • Reserve a camp on the lake for a week during July or August.
  • Go to O.O.B. for Lisa's Pizza, fried dough and Pier Fries.
  • Reconnect with your neighborhood ice cream stand and establish this year's favorite flavor.
  • Help your friends prepare and put their boat in, locking down the best seat for July 4th fireworks.
  • Sign the kids up for fun summer camps, because there are days when you have to work.
  • Buy a State Park Pass.
  • Pimp out the deck and stock up on snacks for impromptu gatherings and happy hours.
  • Properly pack the vehicle for the beach or camp: extra towels, changes of clothes, sunscreen, bottled water, bug spray, and sweatshirts for when the sun goes down and you have a sunburn chill.

Have you started putting together a list yet? I've begun working on the deck, and I've established my Red's Dairy Freeze treat for the summer is officially raspberry ice cream with hot fudge. What can you add?  Share on our Fan Page.

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