If you're searching for a 'look at the bright side' portion of this story, I guess it could be that these are not the insanely annoying browntail moth caterpillars. However, that's about where the good news ends. The rest is just crazy.

According to WGME 13, a couple in Lovell, Maine is facing an infestation of what were formerly called 'gypsy moth' caterpillars. Now known as spongy moth caterpillars, there are tens of thousands of these creepy crawlies all over the outside, and inside, of their home.

The Butlers tell WGME 13 that they literally feel like these things are going to fall from the ceiling and smother them in their sleep. Roy Butler, and his wife Geri, went on to tell WGME,

“I honestly feel that with the shear number of them, they’re going to come in at night and smother us."

“They’re falling in your food and everything else. The trees the leaves and everything on my property are completely gone."

The couple is calling for the state of Maine to step in and help them, though that appears unlikely at this point, WGME reported. They say because of the heavily forested area that the Butlers reside in, it would require large trucks and other types of equipment to spray enough insecticide to quell the problem.

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