The Better Business Bureau has sent out a heads up about Super Bowl related scams. Thieves are collecting money head over fist from passionate fans.

  • If you're looking for real, licensed sportswear go to the NFL website or to to find an accredited store that sells legit team or Super Bowl LLI merchandise.
  • Buy tickets only from secure sites that have a padlock on the page and that have web addresses that start with https.
  • If it seems sketchy, then it is sketchy. If the seller won't give you contact info or let you know where they are located, back out of the deal.
  • Never buy a ticket or memorabilia with a cashier's check, with cash or by wiring money. Always use a credit card, it could provide you with some buyer protection in case things go south.
  • Have the seller send you a tic pic. That's tic pic with a "t". Make sure that it's the correct venue, date and look up the seats.

If the worst happens and you are sold a fake ticket report it to the National Association of Ticket Brokers at 630-510-4594 and file a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau at

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