The Better Business Bureau has a warning and some advice about Zoombombing, which is when someone hacks a Zoom meeting and posts offensive content such as hate speech or pornography.

The world has changed seemingly overnight and many of us are working and learning online with the Zoom app. According to the Boston FBI, Zoom has some serious flaws in their software that leaves users vulnerable to privacy and security breaches. An estimated 200 million people are using the app every day, but stories are starting to roll in about meetings being disrupted by racial slurs and pornography appearing from highjackers in everything from online classes to A.A. meetings.

Zoom has a guide on keeping uninvited guests out of meetings and they are working on resolving some of the issues that users are experiencing.

In the meantime the better Business Bureau has some advice:

  • Use a one-time code for meetings instead of a Personal Meeting ID.
  •  There's a setting that allows only the host to share, use that.
  • You can create a waiting room so that you have to allow people to join the room.
  • If you have Business, Pro, Enterprise Zoom or education accounts you can create an invite-only situation.
  • Hosts can lock a meeting after it starts, keeping anyone else out.

I'm learning more about Zoom, my kids use it for virtual playdates and I'm using it for virtual happy hours. Visit Zoom's website for more information on privacy and security settings.

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