Happy Fall 2022!

The Bangor Police are more than just our Maine heroes that fight crime and protect us every day. They are also our moral compass. And they understand the issues that cause disruption and chaos in Maine households. One of their most popular Facebook posts of all time is their Rules of Flannel Shirt Ownership.


There seem to be many arguments this time of year about who owns the Flannel in the Family.  And with fall kicking off in the Pine Tree State, they thought it wise to repost the rules this week.

Here are the highlights:

"1. Men's flannel shirts purchased as a gift by the wife, spouse, or significant other are owned by the man unless it shrinks more than one size during the first washing and drying. At that time the shirt becomes the property of the wife, spouse, or significant other who purchased the shirt, or by the offspring of that couple. This rule cannot be changed."

"2. Flannel shirts, left on the floor of the garage or behind the seat of a pickup truck, in the boat, or near the woodpile are transferred to the ownership of the individual who: A. Picks up the shirt-or B. washes the shirt."

"3. Flannel Shirts not worn by the husband for more than one season (season length being determined by the wife, spouse, or significant other) immediately are transferred to the ownership of the wife, spouse, or significant other unless the man agrees to, A. take her to dinner or B. buy her something nice."

Of course, for the very lazy men of Maine, our flannel shirts are also our Halloween costumes, Here's a way to turn that flannel into SEVEN different costumes:

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