The Maine paranormal investigation team Haunt ME spent a night at a haunted lighthouse off the coast of Maine on Seguin Island.  The lighthouse is the largest, and second oldest in the state of Maine with a disturbing past.

The story goes: A keeper and his new bride moved to the island 3 miles off the coast to tend the light. The wife soon became bored being stranded on the island so the keeper bought her a piano. It only came with the sheet music for one song. Unable to get new sheet music since the island was locked in ice, the wife played the same song over and over again eventually driving the keeper insane. He took an ax to the piano, and then to his wife. Afterwards he killed himself.

The ghost of the keeper has been spotted in the house, and sometimes on quiet nights it is said you can hear the haunting sounds of a ghostly piano.

The Haunt ME team took a ferry to the island where they were stranded from sundown to sun-up and documented their findings..