There truly was an end of an era recently.

After nearly 40 years of singing, screaming, skanking and saxophoning, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have called it quits. The breakup was announced by the band on their Facebook page Thursday, January 28.

And so ends an incredible run by the Boston-based band, who got their start back in 1983.

The Bosstones has an incredibly original sound. The mixture of hard rock, punk, and ska attracted fans of all kinds throughout the early 90's. The band would even have a cameo in the comedy hit, "Clueless", performing at a college party.

They even got to taste serious stardom when the Bosstones hit mainstream with the "Let's Face It" album released in 1997. The platinum album had two Top-10 singles in "The Impression That I Get" (reached number 1) and "Rascal King" (reached number 7), and really brought a new sound to the masses.

The Bosstones mainstream success would help pave the way for other punk and ska bands to have moderate success in the late 90's and early 2000's. Bands like No Doubt, Sublime, Reel Big Fish and others certainly owe a debt of gratitude for what the Bosstones were able to accomplish.

The Bosstones will also be remembered for their incredible live performances. They were bunch of suited up gentlemen that always brought the energy and attitude for live shows. It was easy to do when you had an iconic performer like Dicky Barrett leading the way.

Mainers were lucky over the years. The Bosstones made numerous trips north, including playing some rooms that many, I'm sure, have forgotten. I thought it would be fun to take a look back on this history.

Here is an unofficial list of the Bosstones shows in Maine, with special thanks to and

The Mighty Bosstones Maine Touring History 

March 15, 1992, Zootz, Portland

I couldn't find anymore details for this show. However, I would have killed to have been at this show. Also, Zootz was one scary joint.

October 16, 1993, Bates College, Lewiston
Don't Know How to Party Tour - with Live and Shootyz Groove

What a tremendous album "Don't Know How to Party" was. I couldn't imagine seeing The Bosstones play most of that album live. A special night for those students. Also, what a lineup.

April 22, 1995, University of Southern Maine, Gorham
Question the Answers Tour

Another outstanding album that gained moderate success. The Bosstones were heavy on the college scene in the mid-90's.

May 15, 1996, Central Maine Civic Center, Lewiston

The year before "Let's Face It" dropped and changed everything for the band. I guess you could say this was the first Maine arena show for the Bosstones.

Jan 26, 1997, The Pavilion, Portland

Who doesn't remember The Pavilion? One of Portland's premier nightclubs back before everything went to hell. This was actually the first of two Pavilion shows in 1997....allegedly.

March 21, 1997, The Pavilion, Portland
Let's Face It Tour 

The second show at The Pavilion was in support of their biggest release. It would be a very good 1997 for the band.

October 27, 1997, Central Maine Civic Center
Boston On the Road Tour

The Bosstones third trip to Maine was actually a completely different tour than the last. It was also their second appearance at the Civic Center in Lewiston.

April 14 2000, University of Southern Maine, Gorham 
Pay Attention Tour - with Guster, Angry Salad, and Shufflin' Tremble

I remember this show well, because my bad opened it. Yes, that's my band with the weird name above. It was an all-time show. The best part was Dicky Barrett threatening the promoter for giving our band a hard time. My man.

July 11, 2008, Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland
2008 Summer Tour - with Dropkick Murphys 

Along with the Dropkick Murphy's, the Bosstones put on a huge show at the future Cross Insurance Area.

July 21, 2017, Aura, Portland
Lets Face It 20 Years Later Tour - with Battery Steele

The Bosstones came back 20 years after their great mainstream success and tore up Aura. This is unofficially the last show I can find from Maine.

As I said, this is certainly an unofficial list. In fact, I have a friend who swears she saw The Bosstones at Sugarloaf in 1997 or 1998.

While this is an unofficial list, it does show you how much the Bosstones relied on Portland nightclubs and the collegiate scene to help grow their brand.

It will be interesting to see if the group ever gets back together for reunion shows. Heck, maybe even get some of the older lineups back together. Either way, it was a wonderful run for a band that truly made outstanding music.

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