I love "Missed Connections" on Craigslist, especially when they involve blue hair, tattoos and organic groceries!

Monday(today) 3pm at Whole Foods - w4m (Portland) 

 "You're roughly 6'4", in good shape, light brown-blond grown-out hair, glasses, white shirt and jeans, and tattoos on both arms. We passed twice in the bulk section.

You're the most beautiful man I've ever seen, and this is the most Portland missed connection someone could ever post, but whatever.

Respond with what you bought so I know it's real.

Blue hair in bulk section."

Was that YOU that this woman is looking for?! I'm dying to know what happened! If you have a friend that meets the description of either one of these people then you must investigate! The world needs more love, let's help! I'll be stopping every person with blue hair at Whole Foods to interrogate them.

Do you secretly check out "Missed Connections" hoping that some stranger has been moved enough by the mere presence of you that they would take out a Craigslist ad? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #missedconnection

She mentioned the "Bulk Section", (pretend those are air quotes...) twice. Just sayin'...


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