Lions, Tigers, and Bears, in Maine? Why yes, and I know just where you can find them, Dew Haven Maine Zoo & Rescue! This zoo is located in Mount Vernon, Maine and they not only want to share their rare animals with us all but they need our help too.

Their are some immediate needs that this very special zoo is hoping for. They are struggling with paying for the rising cost of fuel and food. The primates need foraging foods like peanuts, trail mix, mealy worms, crackers and peanut butter.

The parrots also have a request, they need more toys! Big enough for Macaws and Cockatoos.

The zoo is also in need of Purina dog show, rakes, barn shovels, cleaning products (Clorox/Odoban), scrub brushes, and brooms.

If you would like to lend a hand with any of these items please contact They also have a wish list on their website. 

Remember all the donations you give are tax deductible because they are a 501C3.

Dew Haven is vital to the animals they have housed their. Animal Enrichment is a huge part of what they do at Dew Haven and it's so important to them to educate all visitors on the animals they have and rescue.

According to their website, 

DEW is now haven to over 200 animals from all over the world. Bob and Julie live with the animals and dedicate their lives to them. They strive to educate the community with fun, educational, interactive tours, in hopes to help people understand animals futures are everyone's responsibility.

The future of these animals are everyone's responsibility and if you are able to provide any of the items from their wish list, I know they will be extremely grateful. Let's continue to take care of our animals!

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