According to WMTW, the Salvation Army can now accept donations for their kettles through Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The Salvation Army is in their 128th year of their Kettle Campaign and changes in the way people bank has greatly affected contributions over the past few years. A lot of people no longer carry cash to throw into kettles, so the Salvation Army is now making it possible for us to donate with apps on our cell phones.

The year end goal for the Red Kettle Campaign this year is $55,000. The money raised wil go toward the many programs that the Salvation army provides to our communities, among them are: disaster relief efforts, providing shelter, brightening holidays, assisting the unemployed, serving veterans, children and the elderly, combatting addiction and addressing domestic abuse.

The next time you see a Red Kettle and you would like to give, don't worry about not having cash, pull up an app and make someone else's day better.

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