We're sure you've been hearing about the recent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii. It's causing a ton of damage a lot of evacuations.


Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts Forcing Evacuations
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We hoping for the best for the people of Hawaii. Could you imagine....a volcano? In Maine? Well, believe it or not, Maine not only had volcanoes but had some of the biggest and baddest volcanic eruptions evah on EARTH! Yup, according to Fox News, Sheila Seaman, a geoscientist from UMass/Amherst says that about 420 million years ago, there were four gigantic volcanoes stretching all down the coast of Maine. And they were some of the largest ever on Earth. You can see the evidence in places like Isle of Haut, Acadia National Park, and Cranberry Island. The crater on Mt Desert Island, for example, was 15 MILES across. That's a big hole!


And we thought the only volcano to ever hit Maine was the man-made one at the Bethel WinterFest back in 2012. Wrong!



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