Shift, Modify, and Adapt

2020 brought some big moves to Portland-area bars and restaurants. Suddenly they were faced with needing innovation, change, and ventures that many had never considered until their business was ultimately on the line.

Here in Maine outdoor dining is incredibly limited. Who wants to eat a burger outside when it's quite literally freezing?

Many bars and restaurants turned to heated outdoor dining The Yard is located in West Bayside in Portland brought out the big guns with unique igloos to fit your entire party. They were clean, warm, and yes, outside!

The Yard

The Yard has gone through many changes since they opened and the food and drink menu continues to innovate and get even tastier!

Start off with some poutine before diving into one of their specialty craft burgers such as the Smoked Smash Mac Burger which yes, includes gouda mac and cheese, or just in time for the holidays, the Thanksgiving Night Burger that includes house-made stuffing and cranberry sauce. End the meal with a Road Your Own S'Mores board that comes with your choice of Hersey or Reese's, marshmallows, graham crackers, and your very own tiny campfire.

Keep your eyes out for their boozy hot chocolates and other unique cocktail concoctions.

The Return of the Igloo

For 2021, The Yard stepped up the igloo game and they are, dare we say, luxurious?

These igloos come totally equipped; they're ADA accessible, have Dyson air purifiers, Dyson heaters, and each igloo has its own Bluetooth speaker so you can play whatever playlist fits your igloo mood!

Book an Igloo

The igloos are reservation only. Depending on the time of day that you book your igloo you get 1 and a half to 2 hours of igloo time and within that time it is required to have a $60 minimum food and beverage order not including tax and tip.

TIP: Get a group together to tackle the Giant Moscow Mule. It requires a 4-person minimum to drink and is $119.

The domes can accommodate up to 8 people. For more information and to book your igloo click here.

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