According to WMTW, travelers passing through the Portland International Jetport are now able to enjoy the calming presence of therapy dogs.

Traveling can be stressful; missed connections, cancelled flights, lost luggage and over-tired kids can make an airport visit anxiety ridden. The Portland International Jetport has created a partnership with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, who will provide nine dogs and their handlers to bring smiles to passengers and comfort to those who suffer from a fear of flying. Giving a tummy rub is a good distraction from anxiety, and some people accept comfort from an animal more easily than they do from another person.

Thank you to the caring volunteers from the Alliance of Therapy Dogs for sharing their special pets with us.

The therapy dog program started in September with handlers encouraging people to interact with their canine companions for ear scratching and tail wagging. The friendly pups are trained to bring calm to waiting passengers. California, Florida and Colorado have similar programs at their airports.

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