Every restaurant has a story. Some of those stories are as simple as having a dream to open a restaurant in their hometown or with a certain style in mind. But hiding in plain sight in Biddeford is a restaurant called Yeto's, a cozy eatery that specializes in Southern and Italian comfort food. But if that name doesn't scream Italian to you, it would be understandable, because it isn't inspired by any family lineage or history, instead, it's inspired by the popular Nintendo video game franchise 'The Legend Of Zelda'.

Their inspiration isn't exactly a secret, as their "about us" section details the fictional love story between two yetis known as Yeto and Yeta. Not only that, Yeto's used their love of 'The Legend Of Zelda' to name several of their menu items as well. Best part is that you don't have to be from Hyrule to visit.


If you're a huge fan of the gaming franchise, you'll be pleased to see so many game items available on a real-life menu. Visiting for happy hour? Make sure to grab yourself a LonLon Milk or Cactus Juice. If you're looking for something with more sustenance, try a Princess salad or attempt to tackle the Ganon, a villainous sandwich perfect for someone with a heroic appetite.

The restaurant is also home to some pretty slick merch if eating and drinking like a Zelda character isn't enough, you can take some souvenirs home as well.

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