When I read this emotional story, I got all choked up. I love animals and these bunnies are adorable. For a moment I thought, well maybe my family could take them. Then I remembered our dogs. Adding rabbit roommates probably wouldn't be a great fit.

According to a Facebook post from the good people at Cottontail Cottage Animal Sanctuary in Cherryfield, Maine, one of their supporters passed away this week and her bunnies Lucas and Lacey are now in their loving care.

They explain that at Cottontail Cottage,

"We have had a hold here on taking in bunnies, as we are still over capacity. Finding wonderful bunny homes is not an easy thing for us."  

Maybe your home is the right fit to give these precious creatures the life they deserve. In the meantime, Cottontail Cottage will take excellent care of them.

If you interested in adopting them, keep in mind that the animal sanctuary in Cherryfield has very firm criteria for the bunnies new home.

"We will not let any of our animals go anywhere unless we feel 100% confident that they will have as beautiful a life as they now do with us. That includes having a rabbit savvy vet nearby."

Here is the both heartbreaking and heartwarming post from Facebook this week.

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