This past summer was a busy one for shark sightings. According to NBC Boston, there were around 300 shark sightings in New England by mid-August.

The region was undoubtedly rocked by Maine's first-ever great white shark fatality in July. Shortly thereafter, a basking shark was seen off Hampton Beach.

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Most shark sightings come off Cape Cod in Massachusetts, but what about other shark activity on the Seacoast?

Here are some shark sightings that came on the Seacoast in 2020, courtesy of the Sharktivity App.

Drake's Island Beach, Wells, August 13.

Confirmed white shark sighting. Lifeguard advised swimmers out of water.

York Harbor, York, August 15.

Unconfirmed shark sighting. A relatively large dark dorsal fin was allegedly seen moving slowly around the harbor entrance.

Plaice Cove Beach, Hampton, August 6.

Unconfirmed sighting about 150-250 yards offshore and heading southeast. Dorsal fin spotted in user video.

Plum Island, Newburyport, August 3.

Confirmed shark sighting. Allegedly breached five times in a span of 30 minutes, appeared to be a 6-8 foot great white. Spotted by fisherman outside the mouth of Merrimack River.

Plum Island, Newburyport, August 27.

Unconfirmed sighting. User reported seeing a white shark breach approximately 30 yards offshore from a beach. Reported 8-10 feet or so in length.

Plum Island, Newbury, July 28.

Confirmed sighting. Allegedly breached and user estimated the shark to be a great white about 6-8 feet in length.

Plum Island, Newbury, August 28.

Unconfirmed sighting. White shark, reported 10-12 feet long. User reported seeing what looked like bullet holes in its dorsal fin.

Plum Island, Rowley, July 11.

Confirmed sighting. Video showing what appears to be a white shark about 7-8 feet in length.

Plum Island, Rowley, July 9.

Confirmed sighting. User submitted photo of shark and estimated it to be 8 feet in length.

Plum Island, Ipswich, July 19.

Confirmed sighting. User submitted photo of white shark off Sandy Point.

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