Back in the day when you went on vacation it was your responsibility to mail out postcards to friends and family. They often wouldn't receive them until after you returned, but it was the thought that counted.

My Pepere, Alcide Cote, built Vacationland Motor Court on Rt.1 in Saco. It's been gone for years, but I always look when I drive by where it used to be, almost expecting to see it's ghost. The office was attached to our house and it was a magical place to me. There were huge linen closets with sliding doors, rows of old fashioned room keys and posters on the wall advertising what movies were being shown at The Saco Drive-In. I remember my dad hanging the promo poster for Jaws!

I'm not cool enough to be retro, but I am old enough to be nostalgic.

I found these two identical postcards of my childhood home at an eBay shop online that sells vintage postcards. It was made after my parents had sold Vacationland, but it's just as I remember it. I almost cried when it came in the mail. I got choked up with memories.

Vacationland Motor Court

Check out that TV! Having cable was a HUGE deal. We didn't even have it in our house. We had to go across the street to our neighbors' to watch Hong Kong Phooey on cable!

cabin room

Postcards were important advertising. Long before the internet, they were a way for people to check us out. Guests would send them while staying with us and the recipient would have our contact info and pictures of the property so that they could stay with us during their vacation. I used to love playing shuffleboard with our older guests. There was a special couple from New Jersey who came every year and they would drink gin and Fresca and play all day!

back of postcard

That's not all. Here is my current car key chain. Vacationland Motor Court wasn't rocking quite as hard as Chateau Marmont. I'm pretty sure that Johnny Depp never played horseshoes with us after dinner.

key chain

Here is a slideshow of some more vintage postcards from Maine!

See anything that jogged a memory? Have you ever sent or received a special postcard? Share your memory with us on our Fan Page or tweet #tencentstamp.

I still miss that swimming pool.


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