A few football prognosticators had mentioned that the days may be numbered on this New England Patriot's career in Foxboro. This tweet all but confirms it to be true.

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Sony Michel - 2018 NFL Draft Overall First Round Pick For New England

The Patriots declining this option is the latter half of a one two punch for Michel. The first of which occurred Saturday afternoon when The Pats made this selection in the fourth round.

This selection left the Patriots with SEVEN running backs on their current roster and none of them more vulnerable, from a financial standpoint, than Michel.

I hadn't realized that Sony Michel was up for renewal on his 'rookie contract' until I had heard about it on NESN, via NFL Insider and former Patriots coach Michael Lombardi.

'This should more than likely spell the end of Michel's career in New England, without a doubt.  - Michael Lombardi - The Lombardi Line - VSIN/NESN Network

This chillingly accurate quote was given on Sunday morning.

Reiss' confirmation of this fact was tweeted yesterday evening.

It should be interesting to see where he ends up. It is common practice for NFL teams to pounce on any player that the Pats release, let alone one that was picked 31st overall.

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