Our friends at Sky High Maine are BACK. After a brief hiatus, they are once again sharing their amazing drone video with us. Today we take a trip to Naples. Named after Naples, Italy, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nathaniel Hawthorne used to hang out here. I wonder if they both had cool pontoon boats? Anyhoo, with the temps soaring into the '80s and maybe 90 degrees this week, we thought we would give you a drone video to help cool you off. Or at least make you want to quit work early and head to your favorite body of water. In Naples, that would be Long Lake or Sebago Lake.  Let's do some Day Droning-Sky High Maine style!


It's nice to see the marina pretty filled up and a decent amount of activity on the roads. We're sure Naples will be busy the rest of this week and weekend! It's so important to get outside during all this pandemic craziness and Maine is the best place in the world to do just that!  See you on the lake!



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