As a lifelong pet owner, I could never imagine abandoning a furry friend. However, I understand life can sometimes throw curveballs or get in the way.

This is NOT one of those situations. This abandonment was just plain evil.

Meet Hanna.

Pulled From the Pits, A Pitbull Rescue via Facebook
Pulled From the Pits, A Pitbull Rescue via Facebook

This sweet dog hasn't had an easy go of it. Here's a little more about Hanna's recent run from Pulled From The Pits, A Pitbull Rescue Facebook page.

Could you imagine abandoning this dog? It's simply a shame to read the bio of Hanna's time in Mississippi. Thankfully, there were a few angels in Hanna's life that helped get her safely away from whatever awful premature ending that may have been coming her way.

Thanks to those wonderful people, Hanna was able to be evaluated and sent to the great state of Maine for foster care. And now, according to Pulled From The Pits, Hanna is ready for her forever home.

The rescue organization points out that the evaluations for Hanna went relatively well. The pup gets along with other dogs, cats, and other animals. That's a great sign for those who already have a house full of pets. It can sometimes be difficult to find a rescue who is this well-balanced. I guess Hanna is just a special gal.

Those interested in Hanna should know that she is deaf. However, what was once a possible crutch certainly shouldn't be now. There is a wealth of resources available on how to properly communicate and train a deaf dog. This includes a great guide on the website The Wildest. Some of the tips the site includes are hand signals, using a flashlight, making sure there's a bell on the dog's collar, and many others. You can read all about them here.

If you are interested in adopting Hanna or any other good boy and girl from Pulled From The Pits, you can check them out on Facebook or fill out an adoption form.

I wish Hanna and the rest of the sweet dogs at Pulled From The Pits the best. I hope they all have wonderful forever homes soon.

And remember, rescuing a pet is a wonderful experience. You will be better for it.

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