Leaving the studio the other day, a very sleek black car caught my eye parked along the street next to One City Center. Upon closer inspection, I realized this smooth creature was a Tesla! "Fancy," I thought, and continued on my merry way. It wasn't until I had to double back and retrieve the water bottle I'd accidentally left behind that I realized the owner of this Tesla either had a stellar sense of humor or a lofty soap box on which he or she had climbed.


The license plate on this extremely pricey electric car read, "GAS LOL", a casual jab at its fossil-fueled brethren on the road. As if to say, "you guys should probably get on this whole electric car movement by now," the license plate amused me at first and then made me feel a twinge of self-conscious guilt. I don't even have a car here in Portland, but I share one with my boyfriend in Boston and you better bet it guzzles the gas.

Whether it was meant as a lighthearted joke or a deeper jab, you gotta admit this vanity plate perfectly sums up the personality type you imagine would own and drive a Tesla. Electricity, LOL!

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