The summer concert series is off and running at Thompson's Point, and the first act will be tough to top.

Kicking off the schedule was a band who is no stranger to Portland or Thompson's Point. A band with a unique sound that perfectly fits the town's vibe. I'm talking about Goose.

Formed 10 years ago in Connecticut, Goose has enjoyed a steady rise in the industry. The band is probably best described as progressive rock, with undertones of jam band, funk, and a hint of Americana. Honestly, the best word to describe them is "fun". At the end of the day, they are a very enjoyable and groovy listen. And that's exactly what they brought to Thompson's Point recently.

You couldn't have asked for a better opening act for 2024. Over two nights, Goose absolutely blew away the crowds with a stellar sound and smart approach. The band's sets steadily progressed throughout the two shows like a perfectly-performed crescendo.


Many Goose fans say this is the best the band has ever sounded, and I wholeheartedly agree. I fell in love with them about three years ago, and even the progression in just that short span has been more than impressive.

As great as everyone is in Goose, it's difficult not to single out singer lead guitarist Rick Mitarotonda. There is no other guitarist in the industry who is more slept on right now. His playing style, solo ability, guitar sound, and general style puts him up there as one of the top players currently in the game. It's no wonder legends like Trey Anatasio and Bob Weir rave about him.

But it's certainly not just Rick who deserves praise. Multi-instrumentalist Pete Anspach delivered some great performances and solos. Bassist Trevor Weekz and percussionist Jeff Arevalo were solid as always, and even got some spotlight time with solos and special parts. And I certainly have to give a shoutout to new drummer Cotter Ellis, who sounds like he's been playing with these guys since they began a decade ago.


It's always exciting to witness a band in their prime, especially one that certainly has the ability to stay in there for a long time.

If you missed the shows, don't worry, Goose will actually be back in the region in September. The band announced its fall tour recently, which includes three nights at the MGM Music Hall in Boston. I'm sure this doesn't come as a shock, but I highly recommend seeing them.

What a fantastic start to the 2024 Thompson's Point concert series. If these two shows are any indication of what's to come, then we are in for one hell of a run.

And, if you missed it, WBLM was actually lucky enough to catch up with Anspach recently. Here is a link to this great interview, with the Blimp's legendary Captain guiding the interview ship.

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