Yessuh, good thing we got the gutters cleaned out yesterday. Cause we are headed into a deep freeze this week. Yes, getting up on the ladder and scooping all those mucky leaves out was wicked gross. But it looks like the nasty chore was completed just in time. If didn't get done over the weekend, that slop will been solid and near impossible to get out as the temps plunge.

Keith Carson of NewsCenter Maine just posted this bitterly cold prediction for Thursday morning on his Facebook page. Look at that ridiculous temperature upta Rangeley!


And if bitter cold isn't enough to convince us that winter is rapidly approaching, how about storm even sooner for Maine on Tuesday night?

Here's the latest on what's falling where and how much from the National Weather Service in Gray. Winter officially arrives in over a month by the way!

So as we keep adding the extra layers this week, let's crank up the most requested winter weather song from the WBLM Morning Show! This very funny winter weather classic comes to us from our friend Eben Clukey. He is also responsible for the tourist season masterpiece, Mr. Man along with writing and performing The Blimp That Saved Christmas with the WBLM Band.

Eben is originally from Massachusetts, but he's been in Maine plenty long enough to get it like we do. He brilliantly and hilariously observes the suffering we endure living in the Pine Tree State. And to think, we're just gettin' started. Yikes!


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