I'l never forget playing With or Without You on the radio for the first time  in March of 1987. It was still a cold Maine winter outside and the mood of the first single from the Joshua Tree fit perfectly.  Come to think of it, U2 always sounds better to me in the frozen months. I was on-air at my first full-time gig for 96 WMR in Rumford. 19 years old and having the time of my life playing Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody every 45 minutes when along comes this hauntingly beautiful song from a band that I’d been following since the Boy album. Back when I was an extra enthusiastic announcer on the western Maine pop station, I had big dreams of piloting the Blimp someday. So being able to play U2 on the Top 40 station just like the rock station, was a pretty big deal. Today marks the 30th Anniversary of The Joshua Tree album going to number 1 in the US and staying there for 5 weeks straight. This was the time when U2 became the international superstars that they remain today.

To mark 30 years, U2 will perform The Joshua Tree in it's entirety at Gillette Stadium on June 25th.

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