Two years ago this week, we were saddened to hear news of the passing of one of the all-time greatest musicians, Chris Squire. He was a founding member of the band Yes and is the only member to appear on all of their albums throughout all the various line-up changes. Chris was truly a legendary bass player in the history of rock. In fact, it’s more appropriate to refer to him as a bass lead guitarist as he brought so much more to music than just the bottom end. He played licks and melodies like a lead guitar player. Chris Squire was a tremendous master of his instrument. It is very likely that he inspired many young bass players over the years to get themselves a Rickenbacker and attempt to learn his intricate parts.

After a battle with leukemia, Chris Squire died on June 27, 2015 at the age of 67.

Watch the master at work!

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