Black Crowes drummer and founding member, Steve Gorman is celebrating a birthday today. He was born in Muskegon, Michigan on August 17, 1965. Happy 52nd Birthday to one of Portland’s favorite drummers and one of WBLM’s best bros.

At the beginning of 2015,  we were pretty bummed to hear the news that our good friends for 25 years, the Black Crowes had decided to call it quits. Thankfully we have so many great memories of shows in Portland over the past two decades, from the first one at T-Birds in April 1990 to the last ones at the State Theatre in October 2013, for WBLM’s 40th Anniversary. When the break-up news started circulating, drummer and founding member Steve Gorman decided to give us a call. He rang up WBLM  to say “damn man, Portland always was awesome” and “jumped out of the gate right in the top of the hill and they rode it all the way down with us!” Steve is absolutely one of the best drummers alive today and one helluva kind and thoughtful guy…it was very nice of him to call.

These days he brings his passion for sports to the airwaves as a radio host for Fox Sports.

City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game at CMA Festival - Game
Christopher Polk

Watch the conversation with Steve reflecting on the break-up and the memories of the Black Crowes in Portland.

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And remember that time when Steve played drums behind Jimmy Page? What a beast!

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