Aggravating Brit hit -- Up in the sky, it's a pig!!! -- John Michael turns...70Yup!!!

Pink Floyd "Animals" LP cover, Jan. 1977. (Courtesy of Columbia Records)

12/3/1966 (52 years ago today) - Not everything about The British Invasion was cool. Some of it was downright annoying as hell: U.K. poppers The New Vaudeville Band start a three week run at No. 1 on the singles chart with "Winchester Cathedral", proof positive that The Kinks were really the only band of that time capable-and-more-than-confident-enough to pull off this kinda style-sound without being lame-ass which this one was. Not sorry.

12/3/1976 (42 years ago today) - "It's a bird! It's a plane!" No, it's...what again?: A giant 40-foot inflatable pig was seen floating above London on this date after breaking free from its moorings! The pig {actual nickname: Algie} was being photographed for Pink Floyd's forthcoming "Animals" album cover -- The Civil Aviation Authority of England was forced to issue a warning to all pilots that a "flying pig was on the run" before the prop eventually crash landed into a barn in the suburb of Godmersham, Kent, where the owner/farmer complained of his cows being scared by the incident. Just wait till he reads the lyrics to "Sheep"...

12/3/1948 - Born on this day, very Happy Birthday wishes going out to "The Prince Of Darkness", the one and only John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne, 70 years old today! Also celebrating this date of birth is yours truly (61, ok?) and the late Andy Williams. There ya have it...

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