Another first for The King... -- What to (maybe) not name your baby... -- A classic single that got to be Number One twice!

Grace Slick
Grace Slick, July 1970. (Photo: McCarthy/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

1/25/1958 (61 years ago today) - You're thinking "Here we go again", but, of course, it's another example of something that Elvis did first, it's just the way it is...: On this date, "Jailhouse Rock" becomes the first single ever to enter the U.K. Pop Chart at Number One! Backed by "Treat Me Nice", it would remain in the top spot for three weeks. Weird fact: Elvis never played a live concert in England, not even once.

1/25/1971 (48 years ago today) - For those of you that think "Chicago" is a more-than-questionable choice for your new baby's name, howzabout this?: Grace Slick and Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane become the proud parents of a baby girl and, no foolin', they decide they want to name her God. God! Once this news gets out, there is a sh*t-storm of controversy and they have to come up with another name, eventually settling on China. Kanye and what's-her-name are really dull by comparison...Incidentally, China was an MTV VJ when the music channel was in its infancy (not sorry for the pun).

1/25/1975 (44 years ago today) - This was the same year of "Born To Run" and "Physical Graffiti" and yet...: "Please Mr. Postman" hits Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second time when The Carpenters version takes over the top spot, and it would go to No. 1 in Australia, Germany, Japan and several other countries as well, making it {astonishingly-when-you-consider-their-catalog-of-hits} The Carpenters' most successful single ever!!! The (truly definitive) Marvelettes version was No. 1 first, back in January 1961; and although The Beatles recorded a great take (featuring one of John Lennon's most sublime lead vocals), it didn't make the Top 40. Other songs that have gone to No. 1 more than once? Mmmm, well, there's "Go Away Little Girl" by Steve Lawrence (1963) and Donny Osmond (1971), and "The Loco-Motion" by Little Eva (1962) and Grand Funk (1974). There's a moral to this story somewhere, but we'll be damned if we know what it is...  

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