Listening to rock 'n' roll's gonna cost ya... -- This hit was absolutely everywhere!!! -- You know what's a real thing? Country Goth!

Bobbie Gentry
Bobbie Gentry at the BBC, London, July 1968. (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

7/27/1958 (60 years ago today) - Sammy Hagar's probably got something to say about this: Researchers for the Esso gas company just released their findings from a study of what effects your car radio has on you, and they came up with this warning -- Apparently, listening to rock 'n' roll while driving can cost you money! How 'dat? The rhythms in rock music cause the driver of the vehicle to be more foot heavy on the gas pedal, thus making you waste fuel! Big bang science wins again...

7/27/1991 (27 years ago today) - There was no escaping this one: Bryan Adams starts seven weeks in a row at No. 1 with the impossible-to-avoid-because-they're-playing-it-everywhere ballad "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" -- Like many a big hit before, this track is a truly great piece of work, with masterful, powerful production, a really lush arrangement, and a killer lead vocal -- Unfortunately, most of the public ended up resenting the song for no good reason other than the fact that it was, simply, played to death. Peeps just got worn out with this one, a cruel fate for what was really a nifty piece of work...

7/27/1944 - Happy Birthday to singer-songwriter Roberta Lee Streeter, a.k.a. Bobbie Gentry, 74 years old today -- The fact is, she was way cooler and much more talented and influential than you ever knew: Bobbie was one of the very first female country artists to both compose and produce her own material, rising to international fame with the unforgettable Southern Gothic narrative "Ode To Billie Joe", infamously knocking The Beatles out of the top spot and spending four weeks at No. 1 on the singles chart in 1967, selling over four million worldwide! Bobbie's catalog of albums are the very definition of sultry, with songs featuring brooding atmospheres that highlight her rough-around-the-edges vocal style and masterful musicianship, especially her guitar playing which was extremely underrated. You need to search out 1970's Grammy award winning LP "Fancy", you will be more than mightily impressed.

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