WBLM welcomes back the great Todd Rundgren tonite at Aura! If you are looking for a truly interesting night of rock and roll, then Todd is your man!

18+ Show
Ticket prices start at $25.00
Doors 7:00pm :: Show 8:00pm

Todd is best described as a true rock and roll mad scientist! His list of "firsts" is pretty incredible:

  • 1978: The first interactive television concert, broadcast live over the Warner/QUBE system in Columbus, Ohio (the home audience chose each song.in real time during the concert by voting via QUBE’s 2-way operating system).
  • 1978: The first live nationally broadcast stereo radio concert (by microwave), linking 40 cities around the country.
  • 1979: The opening of Utopia Video Studios, a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility. The first project produced by Todd there is Gustav Holst’s The Planets, commissioned by RCA SelectaVision as the first demonstration software for their new videodisc format.
  • 1980: Creation of the first color graphics tablet, which was licensed to Apple and released as The Utopia Graphics Tablet.
  • 1981: Time Heals, the first music video to utilize state-of-the-art compositing of live action and computer graphics (produced and directed by Todd), becomes the second video to be played on MTV (after Video Killed the Radio Star).
  • 1982: The first live national cablecast of a rock concert (on the USA Network), simulcast in stereo to over 120 radio stations.
  • 1982: The first two commercially released music videos, one of which was nominated for the first-ever Grammy awarded for “Best Short Form Video” in 1983.
  • 1992: The first commercially available music downloads via CompuServe.
  • 1993: The release of “No World Order”, the world’s first interactive record album on CD-i. The first commercially available music downloads via CompuServe.
  • 1994: The release of “The Individualist”, the world’s first full-length Enhanced CD.
  • 1994: The world’s first interactive concert tour.
  • 1998: Launches PatroNet, the world’s first direct artist subscription service
  • 2016: The production of the world’s first full-length concert shot with multiple Virtual Reality 360º cameras





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