Floyd's Halloween treat! / A day of Grace! / A hits No. 1!

Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, July 1970. (Photo: McCarthy/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


10/30/1971 (46 years ago today) - Perfect time of year to release this one: Pink Floyd unleash their sixth studio LP "Meddle", which opens with the classic eerie/creepy {mostly} instrumental "One Of These Days" and features the unbelievable 23-minute epic spookfest "Echoes" (which takes up all of Side 2!) -- To complete the sense of unnerving weirdness, there's the album cover photo, taken by Floyd pal Bob Dowling, of a human ear, underwater, collecting waves of sound represented by ripples in the water. Far-out, man!

10/30/1939 - She started out as a model, you know...: Happy Birthday Grace Slick, 78 years old today -- Born Grace Barnett Wing in Highland Park, Illinois; her family moved to the San Francisco area in the late 1950's and it wouldn't take long for Grace to find her calling -- In August 1965, she hooked up with a band called The Great Society, for whom she composed and performed the legendary classic "White Rabbit"; before the year was out, bassist Jack Casady (of up-and-coming scene-stealers Jefferson Airplane) asked Grace to replace their just departed female singer -- This "new" line-up of the Airplane goes in to record the infamous psychedelic classic LP "Surrealistic Pillow", and it's rock stardom and a place in music history from this moment on -- In 1969 the band appears on "The Dick Cavett Show", the highlight of which is Grace becoming the first person to say "mothertf---er" on TV (during a performance of "We Can Be Together"). Fact: Grace never ever cared what anybody thought of her, like a true icon should. Bravo!

10/30/1982 (35 years ago today) - We're trying to remember why this record was such a mega-selling-big-friggin'-deal, but we can't come up with anything: Australian import Men At Work hit No. 1 on the U.S. chart with "Who Can It Be Now" -- The album it was on, "Business As Usual", was also No. 1, remaining there for 15 weeks in a row(!), a record at the time for a debut album.

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