Vinyl LP's are great, if you can afford the equipment to play 'em on that is... -- Was this The Beatles biggest paycheck?... -- Naked women and hygiene, there's your combo!

Diggin' the grooves in 1961. (Express Newspapers/Getty Images)

9/17/1931 (88 years ago today) - The first long-playing record, a 33 1/3 rpm recording, was demonstrated at the Savoy Plaza Hotel in New York by RCA Victor -- The venture was doomed to fail however, due to the insanely high price of the record players needed to spin 'em on: the cheapest ones started at around $95, roughly equivalent to $1,140 in today's dollars! This led to the temporary demise of the LP format for the next 17 years; long-playing vinyl wouldn't re-appear in the marketplace again until 1948...

9/17/1964 (55 years ago today) - The Beatles played at the Municipal Stadium in Kansas City where they got paid $150,000 for one 30 minute show -- At the time it was the most money any act had ever been paid for a live performance! Your ticket would have cost $4.50.

9/17/1978 (41 years ago today) - Can't say we blame 'em: the video for Queen's new single "Bicycle Race" got underway at Wimbledon Stadium in the U.K. -- Bicycles were rented out for the day's shoot, enabling 65 naked female professional models to race 'em around the stadium's tracks while filming took place. When the rental company found out how their bikes had been used, they requested additional payment so that they could replace all the seats on all the bikes. No biz like show-biz...

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